10 Common Income Tax Snafus – INFOGRAPHIC

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when filing tax returns? Check out the graphic below:


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Common income tax mistakes infographic

Use This Graphic On Your Site


The Top 10 Income Tax Return Mistakes That People Make

  1. Missing the deadline
  2. Forgetting to file (or deciding not to)
  3. Forgetting their social security number, or adding the wrong number by mistake
  4. Math errors
  5. Failing to keep old copies of their returns
  6. Forgetting to sign and/or date their return
  7. Claiming false dependents
  8. Losing their important receipts
  9. Failing to report and pay taxes for domestic employees
  10. Failing to check the work the tax prep company or person does on their behalf

Other Common Tax Errors:

  • Filing the wrong forms
  • Filing under the wrong status
  • Not filing or calculating self-employment tax
  • Failing to check whether or not you are subject to the alternative minimum tax
  • Mis-using or not using the earned income credit
  • Failing to pay attention to changes in tax laws
  • Failing to declare all income

Jana’s Free Income Tax Advice

Be sure to print out and save copies of your old bank statements, tax returns, and any other documents you have that are currently in electronic format. This way you don’t have to worry about losing records because of a lost file or computer problem.

If printing these docs out doesn’t sound like a good option, then be sure to invest in a good backup system (you can backup your files to the web, or buy an at-home RAID storage device).

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