How To Handle IRS Tax Problems

Facing an IRS tax issue can be very taxing both mentally and physically. Before you drown in stress, check out these tips to survive this experience.

Best Places to Find IRS Tax Forms in Denver

Tax season is in full swing with the April deadline looming for many taxpayers. This means finding the forms you need to file. Here is a list of the best places to find IRS tax forms in Denver, Co.

10 Common Income Tax Snafus – INFOGRAPHIC

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when filing tax returns? Check out the graphic below:

What The IRS “Fresh Start” Program Means to You

The Internal Revenue Service has revised the program that allows delinquent taxpayers who are experiencing financial troubles to settle their debts for less than the total tax liability. The Fresh Start Initiative, which began in 2011, has been upgraded and now offers more flexible terms, allowing more people to take advantage of the significant savings […]

Do You Owe the IRS Money? Here’s What You Need to Know

Taxpayers who look forward to receiving a refund from the IRS can become shocked when they find out they actually owe money. If you don’t receive the refund you were expecting, you need to know what your repayment options are. Most importantly, if you owe money, don’t ignore the situation. The IRS can take action […]

Are You Moving? The IRS Might Let You Deduct Moving Expenses

Whether you are moving because you got a new job or you are relocating with your current employer, there’s a good chance you can deduct some of your moving expenses on your federal tax return. The Internal Revenue Service does has guidelines, however, that must be met in order to qualify for the moving expense […]

Colorado Secretary of State Warns about Deceptive Compliance Services Letter

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office is warning business owners of a deceptive letter sent by “Compliance Services.” The solicitation is about preparing documents to satisfy “the annual minutes requirement.” There is no such requirement in the state of Colorado.

How To Get Your Old Tax Returns from The IRS

Filing your taxes doesn’t end the moment you shoot it over in the mail or electronically. Everyone who files a tax return should keep a copy for seven years. Thankfully, the Internal Revenue Service understands that sometimes tax returns get misplaced or destroyed and has a convenient method for taxpayers to request copies of tax […]

Planning on Deducting A Charitable Donation? Here Are 6 Things You Should Know

Donating money to charity provides you with not only that intrinsically good feeling of having helped someone less fortunate, but also with a possible income tax deduction. Not all donations, however, are tax deductible. The IRS has a bevy of conditions which must be met in order to deduct a specific donation.

What To Do If The IRS Sends You An Official Notice

No one looks forward to a notice from the IRS, so when a letter from the IRS arrives in the mail, you might be struck with some serious anxiety. First, those who receive these notices should realize that the IRS sends millions of notifications to taxpayers each year, so there may not be a huge […]

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