We had come through some very tough times. To complicate our situation an IRS Tax issue was not what we needed. I am very thankful that my CPA put us in touch with Olson Tax Consulting Services. Jana Olson work for us in a very professional and understanding manner. Many times I would contact her with my anxiety level on the rise. Even though she had other Clients to take care of there was a demeanor of compassion and listening. One cannot imagine the many things that a Professional in this field of expertise does. The bottom line is that we are very thankful for Jana Olson representing us with the IRS..”

Charles S., Olathe, KS

Though out the years, I have come to view Jana as a friend.  Jana has given me so much personal support beyond what most professionals generally supply that I now know and understand the meaning of the words ‘Grace under fire’. Jana was there when I needed and got me through the trials of everything the IRS threw at my business. Thank you.”

Sue V., Belfair, WA

We held on as long as possible, but our business could not recover from this down economy.  Jana was there to help us shut down the business, deal with the creditors and get our civil penalties resulting from the IRS business taxes in an un-collectible status so that we could move forward with our lives.  Jana has also been our financial adviser and is helping to construct a new business path. Jana also worked out reasonable payments so that we could afford her service.”

Jerry J., WY

When I first contacted Olson & Hardman I was lost. I was confused about the best way to move forward, and the IRS was absolutely no help. Jana worked with me to solve my tax problems and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Thank you!

Jason L., Littleton, CO

Jana’s expertise and attention to detail is second to none. I’m glad to know someone so capable is on my side when I have to deal with the IRS.

Mark H., Broomfield, CO